Weight Management

Indian-Spiced Buttermilk

A drink called <i>lhassi</i> is the East Indian version of a smoothie. It's usually made with soured milk or yogurt and can be sweet or savory, and often contains typically Indian spices, such as cumin and coriander.

Three-Pepper Rice

Three members of the pepper family-spicy dried red chili peppers, dried mild chili peppers (paprika), and fresh red bell peppers-add vitamin C and plenty of flavor to this colorful side dish.

Pear-Apple Crisp

While we've used a combination of apples and pears for this sweet, crunchy topped dessert, you may use 3 pounds of just pears or just apples.

Broccoli Chowder

This light chowder, flecked with the green of broccoli and the red of unpeeled new potatoes, is as delightful in appearance as it is in flavor.

Chocolate-Orange Latte Cotto

This adaptation of panna cotta (an Italian dessert usually made with cream or a combination of milk and cream) is silky-smooth and satisfying. If you like, run a metal spatula around the edges of the dessert and invert it onto a serving plate. Timing alert: This dessert has to chill for at least 4 hours.

Cheese-Stuffed Portobellos

The creamy base for the cheese in these stuffed mushrooms is created by an unexpected (but healthful) ingredient: cream of rice. Its smooth texture helps give the impression that you are getting more cheese than you actually are (a good thing, healthwise!). You can find dried grated orange zest in the spice aisle.

Blueberry-Apricot Quick Bread

If you use fresh blueberries in this recipe, check the bread after 50 minutes: Since fresh blueberries are not as wet as frozen, the bread may bake somewhat faster.

Fudgey Brownies with Dried Pears

Walnuts are a great ingredient in brownies, but they can bring with them quite a few grams of fat. So to get some of that walnut flavor without a lot of fat, we used walnut oil instead. For a relatively small amount of oil (only 1/2 teaspoon per brownie), the brownies have a nice nutty undertone. The toasted-nut flavor of the oil makes the brownies seem rich even though they have less than 4 grams of fat apiece. As a side benefit, walnut oil is a good source of alpha-linolenic acid, which is a precursor to heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acid.

Linguine with Red Clam Sauce

A favorite Italian wedding of ingredients, this linguine with red clam sauce calls for fresh littleneck clams in their shells as well as for making your own sauce. More exciting to look at than a standard chopped-clam sauce, you could serve this either as an entree, or in smaller portions as a first course followed by grilled fish and a summer salad. For dessert, stay in the warm-weather mode by serving fresh blueberries with lemon sorbet.

Wheatberry Salad with Peppers & Grapes

Wheatberries have a very satisfying texture. They are similar to barley in that they remain slightly chewy even when fully cooked.