Weight Management

Strawberry Long Cake

Everyone’s heard of strawberry shortcake, so why not a strawberry long cake? Perfect for company, this light chocolate cake roll with creamy strawberry filling should impress your guests with its low-calorie profile as well as its looks.

Curried Red Lentil-Carrot Soup

Mildly sweet carrot juice brings out the flavors of the spices in this curried soup. Look for red lentils in Indian grocery stores.

Cinnamon-Orange Syrup

The cinnamon has a tendency to settle to the bottom of the syrup as it sits, so make sure to stir before using. To make a soda, spoon 1/4 cup syrup into a tall glass. Add 2 ice cubes and 1/2 cup seltzer. Or stir a tablespoon or two of the syrup into hot or cold apple cider, or into iced tea. The syrup also makes a nice pancake topper.

Lemon Curd

Rich, sophisticated, yet simple, lemon curd can go in style just about anywhere: as a filling in pies, tarts (this recipe makes enough for one 9" tart), tartlets, and jelly rolls; between layers of a cake; slathered on scones or warm muffins; or a big spoonful right out of the jar (yum).

Peppery Pumpkin Risotto

A true Italian risotto would be made with a starchy type of rice called Arborio. Here we’ve used brown rice instead, which adds more fiber and makes a risotto with a chewier texture.

Nectarine-Pineapple Chutney

This fresh fruit chutney is delicious served just after cooking, but it will keep well in the refrigerator.

Oven-Roasted Ratatouille

Made with very little oil and roasted instead of sauteed, this version of the classic Provencale dish is nonetheless filled with the exceptional and lusty flavors of the more traditional preparation.

Spicy Clam & Corn Chowder

This take-off on a standard Manhattan clam chowder uses sweet potatoes and corn instead of the usual white potatoes. Fresh tomatoes and basil are added for a satisfying garden-fresh taste.

Tofu-Lemon Pepper Dipping Sauce

This is a good dipping sauce for artichokes or steamed asparagus. It’s also a flavorful stand-in for mayonnaise in salad dressings or as a sandwich spread.

Minted Lime-Lemonade

A fruit ade is sweetened with a “simple syrup,” which is made by dissolving sugar in boiling water. The syrup is important because granulated sugar would not dissolve in the cold juice. In this recipe, the sugar syrup is also the vehicle for the cool flavor of mint.