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Gazpacho with Chick-Peas & Garlic Croutons

Gazpacho is a cool Spanish summer soup sometimes called "salad in a bowl." This easy version is based on tomato juice and topped with freshly made garlic croutons. Serve the soup ice cold, in chilled bowls.

Fresh Ginger & Lime Dressing

When shopping for fresh ginger, look for pieces that are smooth and plump, avoiding those that are dry or withered, as they won’t yield much juice. If you’d rather not grate and squeeze fresh ginger, look for bottled ginger juice and substitute 2 tablespoons for the fresh squeezed.

Broiled Tuna with Mango Vinaigrette

A nectar is a fruit juice that includes the fruit pulp and is invariably sweetened. It makes a nice basis for a quick, low-fat salad dressing. The yellow bell pepper is here because it has a mild, sweet flavor and contributes nice color to this dish, but you could just as easily use a red pepper.

Carrots & Cucumbers with Sweet Chili Sauce

Serve this simple and fresh-tasting salad with poached fish or chicken breast.

Nectarine-Pepper Salsa

This fresh fruit salsa is sweetly spiced with Caribbean-style seasonings. Serve with broiled fish or poultry, or use it like a fresh chutney alongside a curried dish.

Summer Vegetable & White Bean Stew

This summer harvest soup is filled with vine-ripened tomatoes, zucchini, summer squash, and bell peppers. Serve as a main course with a grilled radicchio salad and Italian bread. For dessert, have a selection of fresh fruit and cheese.

Creamy Carrot Dressing

This is equally at home as a dressing for tossed salad or stirred into cooked rice.

Salmon, Snow Pea & Potato Salad

Lemongrass has an aromatic citrusy flavor-like lemon but intriguingly different-and is used here in the poaching liquid for the salmon fillet. However, if you don’t want to scurry around finding lemongrass, lemon zest will do fine.

Cherry-Balsamic Barbecue Sauce

Cherry juice is available at many supermarkets and health-food stores. Pomegranate molasses, a thick, tangy syrup is available at specialty stores and Middle Eastern markets. Use this sauce for grilling poultry, pork, and lamb.