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Cilantro-Garlic Barbecue Sauce

If you like, make a double batch of this sauce and use it to toss with pasta or to spoon over grilled vegetables.

Chicken and Black Soybean Quesadilla Casserole

Most casseroles are based on pasta or other starches, but not this one, which I surgically remodeled from a high-starch version in Cooking Light. You can make it ahead and refrigerate or freeze until needed. Be sure to use black soybeans, not black beans. Queso blanco is a Mexican cheese that doesn't melt. Or substitute shredded soy Jack cheese.

Creamy Carrot & Rice Soup

Leeks are generally quite sandy and need to be washed before using. Trim the root end and the tough, dark-green leaves from the leeks. Then slice the leeks crosswise and place the slices in a big bowl of lukewarm water. Swish them around vigorously in the water and let stand for several minutes; the dirt will settle to the bottom of the bowl. With your fingers, lift the leeks out of the water. If they are particularly dirty, repeat the process, using fresh water.

Roasted Vegetable Salsa

Mushrooms are an unexpected ingredient in this earthy roasted vegetable salsa. Serve it alongside broiled fish, or serve it as an appetizer with thin whole wheat toasts.

Tuna with White Beans & Minted Dressing

This easy-to-fix salad is perfect for a summer lunch or a light dinner. Start the meal with a chilled pureed vegetable soup and serve the salad with a crusty loaf of bread.

Sweet & Sour Red Cabbage

Not your everyday sweet-and-sour cabbage dish, this sautéed vegetable mixture is highlighted with minced fresh ginger. Use another carrot if parsnips are not available.

Cinnamon-Raisin Bread Pudding

Comfort food at its best, with a hint of chocolate and delicious cinnamon-raisin bread. Serve the pudding warm, at room temperature, or chilled.

Garden-Fresh Gazpacho with Mint

This quick and easy variation on the classic Spanish soup from Andalusia needs a few hours of chilling time. Vine-ripened beefsteak tomatoes fresh from the garden make this an even better soup.

Homemade Fennel Sausage

These fennel-scented sausage patties have all of the delicious flavors of a good Italian pork sausage with way, way less fat.

Scallop Stir-Fry

Jícama, a root vegetable available at many supermarkets and Latin American markets, provides added crunch and sweetness to this stir-fry. To cut jícama into matchsticks, first peel it, then halve it through the stem end so that it will lay flat on the work surface. Thinly slice into half rounds then stack the slices and cut them into matchsticks.