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Double-Pineapple Sauce

This sauce can be served with either sweet or savory dishes. It’s equally delicious over frozen yogurt or alongside grilled chicken or pork.

Updated Waldorf Salad

There's nothing wrong with a good old Waldorf Salad (except probably too much mayonnaise dressing). But what if you took the same ideas--creamy dressing, lettuce, crunchy sweet fruit, and chopped nuts--and created a salad with super antioxidant power: selenium in Brazil nuts, and quercetin in red apples and red onion? The results are as tasty as they are healthy.

Navajo Pumpkin-Nut Loaf

Serve this pumpkin-nut cake with apple butter for dessert or tea. It would even make a nice lunch or brunch dish topped with a mild-flavored cheese and toasted for open-faced sandwiches.

Sushi Rice Salad

For many people, the best part of sushi is the vinegared rice that goes into it. The type of rice used to make sushi is a short-grain rice with a slightly higher starch content than that of long-grain rices, which helps it stick together when it’s formed into a log or a roll. Here’s a salad based on the flavors of sushi (rice vinegar, wasabi, pickled ginger), along with a good helping of spinach. Look for sushi rice at Asian markets and some supermarkets. Of course you could make this salad with regular long-grain rice, as well.

Dilled Green Bean & Mushroom Salad

Canned sliced water chestnuts are a quick way to add a bit of heft as well as crunch to a vegetable salad.

Root Vegetables with Peanut Sauce

We added some other root vegetables here to complement the flavor of the burdock as well as fill out the dish, since burdock can be quite expensive.

Dr. G's World-Famous Nut Mix

To avoid overindulging in this treat, portion out 1/4 cup servings into individual plastic bags. All nuts should be unsalted.

Creamy Tarragon Garlic Dressing

Creamy dressings aren't always made with cream, but with tofu and soy milk as its base, this Green-Goddess-style dressing is exceptionally healthful as well as dairy-free. There's enough olive oil to make the dressing adhere to the salad greens, and plenty of flavor from blanched garlic, Dijon mustard, and tarragon.

Spicy Pea Guacamole

It’s pretty hard to resist guacamole when you’re trying to watch your fat and calorie intake. Here’s a recipe that mimics the color, texture, and seasonings of a real guacamole but with a fraction of the fat. The secret ingredient is green peas, which have not only a lovely green color and a smooth texture, but a handsome amount of the heart-healthy B vitamin folate.

Portobello “Pizzas”

Big, meaty portobello mushrooms stand in for the crust in these “pizzas.“