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Sesame-Roasted Asparagus

Although many people prize skinny stalks of asparagus (sometimes referred to as “pencil grass”), they are not a good choice when it comes to roasting. For this dish, choose spears that are at least H inch in diameter.

Baked Spiced Carrot Pudding

This delicious cross between a pudding and a cake is exotically flavored with dark roasted sesame oil and cardamom.

Spicy Italian Chips

If you can’t find tomato-basil tortillas, substitute another flavored tortilla or even plain tortillas. Serve the chips on their own, with salsa, or with a chunky bean dip.

Cream of Tomato-Basil Soup

The “cream” is actually silken tofu-Japanese-style tofu, which is softer and smoother in texture than regular tofu, and a surprisingly successful substitute for heavy cream in this soup recipe.

Provençal Cod Stew

Rouille, the spicy garlic mayonnaise that is the classic accompaniment to a Provençale fish stew, is usually served on top of the dish, but you could also use it to spread lightly on thin pieces of toasted sourdough to serve alongside the stew. Or, you could leave the rouille out altogether.

Gingered Fruit Compote

To section an orange, remove the peel and any spongy pith, then use a sharp knife to cut in between the membranes to release the sections. Do this over a bowl to catch the orange sections (and juice) as you work.

Sugar-Free Mocha Pudding

Because this is a milk-based pudding, you can count it toward your dairy requirements. It's just shy of 1 dairy serving, so make up the difference by topping each pudding with 1/4 cup fat-free yogurt (sweetened with a bit of sucralose if you'd like).

Quick Pickled Vegetables

Serve these as part of an antipasto platter along with small rounds of part-skim mozzarella and crusty bread. You could also serve the vegetables as a simple side dish for cold poached chicken or grilled flank steak.

Balsamic-Ketchup Dipping Sauce

You'll find yourself reaching for this dipping sauce to accompany chicken kebabs, shrimp, broiled or baked fish and even for oven-fried chips.

Vegetable Slaw with Lemon-Mustard Dressing

All the shredded vegetables for this tasty slaw can be prepared in a food processor fitted with the shredding blade. Shred them separately and pour off any excess liquid from the shredded summer squash and zucchini so it won’t water down the dressing.