Mommi 3-in-1

Mommi 3-in-1
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• Delivers 100% of the daily value for 14 essential prenatal vitamins and minerals including iron and folic acid
• Contains 15 grams of premium whey protein per serving
• Contains 200 mg of DHA to help support baby’s brain and eye development*
• Only 130 calories per serving
• Gluten free, MSG Free and Non-GMO tested**

How It Works: 

Mommi 3-in-1 was developed by OB/GYN Dr. Yvonne Bohn and top nutritional scientists specifically for pregnant and nursing mothers. Formulated to combine 3 key components of healthy baby development into a single, great tasting product, Mommi 3-in-1 combines 15 grams of premium whey protein with 14 essential prenatal vitamins and 200 mg of DHA in every serving.

Whey protein is a complete protein and features a high quality amino acid profile to help you get the protein you need to help support your baby’s development. It is also one of the most bioavailable protein sources, giving you a quick, convenient source of protein.

**Independently PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) tested by a third party lab for genetically modified DNA to a limit of 0.9%.

Suggested Use: 

Add 2 scoops of Mommi 3-in-1 to 10 ounces of cold 1% milk. This product is not a meal replacement and should be consumed in addition to a healthy diet.

Product Specs:
Size/Count: 1.08 lbs (489 grams)
Form: Powder

Proudly manufactured in our NSF® GMP registered facility.