Melatonin Caps - 3 MG

Melatonin Caps - 3 MG
Melatonin Caps - 3mgMelatonin Caps - 3mg
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• High Quality
• Quick-Acting

How It Works: 

Twinlab Melatonin Caps are easier to swallow than some rock hard tablets and dissolve faster to assure maximum absorption.

Suggested Use: 

Take one capsule before bedtime as needed or as recommended by a health care professional. Do not exceed one capsule in any 24 hour period.

Product Specs:
Size/Count: 60
Form: Capsule

This product is not to be taken by pregnant or lactating women, individuals with autoimmune conditions or depressive disorders, or children under 16 years of age. Do not take this product when driving a motor vehicle or operating machinery.

Proudly manufactured in our NSF® GMP registered facility.