MaxiLIFE® Choline Cocktail® II With Caffeine

MaxiLIFE® Choline Cocktail® II With Caffeine
MaxiLIFE® Choline Cocktail® II With CaffeineMaxiLIFE® Choline Cocktail® II With Caffeine
Price: $33.02

• Advanced Nutraceutical
• Brain Boosting Formula*
• With Ginkgo Biloba, Huperzine A and Phosphatidylserine

How It Works: 

MaxiLIFE® Choline Cocktail II is a scientifically advanced nutraceutical and brain boosting formula containing a concentrated source of Ginkgo Biloba Extract.* It is also synergistically combined with Choline, Phosphatidylserine, DMAE, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Huperzine A, antioxidants and other nutritional co-factors.

MaxiLIFE® Choline Cocktail II is quick-acting and easy to digest and utilize. It also contains the most important nutrients and potencies for optimum brain function without the need to take handfuls of tablets or capsules daily.*

Suggested Use: 

As a quick-acting mental alertness and energy supplement, take one serving upon awakening in the morning in place of coffee.

As a dietary supplement, take 1-2 servings daily. Simply add 4 tablespoons to 8 oz. of cold water. Stir and serve. It may be mixed for 10 seconds in a blender with crushed ice.

Product Specs:
Size/Count: 14.85 oz.
Form: Powder

Do not use if you are being treated for high blood pressure or heart disease. Consult with your health care professional prior to use if you are taking prescription medicines. This product should not be used by children or pregnant/lactating women. Do not exceed the recommended daily serving. This product contains naturally occurring caffeine (approximately the same amount as found in a strongly brewed cup of coffee) and should not be taken by those wishing to eliminate caffeine from their diet.

Contains 165 mgs of caffeine per serving.

Proudly manufactured in our NSF® GMP registered facility.