Bariatric Support Super B Complex

Bariatric Support Super B Complex
Bariatric Support Super B ComplexBariatric Support Super B Complex
Price: $29.99

• Nutritionally supports general health and well being*
• Liquid formula allows for efficient digestion, absorption, assimilation and utilization
• Provides 100% of the Daily Value for 6 B vitamins
• No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives added

Check out this video from New Hope 360 that explores new trends in the supplement industry, including Twinlab’s Bariatric Support line (skip to 3:53 to go directly to the segment on our Bariatric line).

How It Works: 

The B complex of vitamins plays many important and diverse roles in the body. B vitamins help the body convert carbohydrates we eat into fuel the body can use to produce energy, and help to metabolize fats and protein.* They are also required to support the nervous system and the health of skin, hair and nails.*

Deficiencies in thiamine (vitamin B-1), vitamin B-12, folate and vitamin B-6 may be a concern for bariatric surgery patients. Following surgery, you may no longer be able to absorb sufficient amounts of B-12 from your diet. Thiamine intake is also a challenge post-surgery, due to reduced acid production and restricted food intake.

Twinlab Bariatric Support Super B Complex helps bariatric surgery patients meet their daily requirements for these key vitamins.

Suggested Use: 

Size/Count: 8 fl. oz. (240 mL)
Form: Liquid

If you are pregnant or nursing, taking any medication or have any medical condition, consult a health care professional before use. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.