Twinlab Launches Dietary Supplement Line for Bariatric Surgery Patients

American Fork, UT, February 29, 2012 – Twinlab, trusted leader in nutrition for over 40 years, is proud to announce the launch of their newest line of products, Twinlab® Bariatric Support™. This cutting-edge, comprehensive dietary supplementation program is one of the first retail supplement lines formulated specifically to address the unique nutritional needs of bariatric surgery patients and support them in their efforts to live a healthy lifestyle.

Statistics indicate that obesity is on the rise, with up to 33% of American adults currently classified as obese. Not surprisingly, the number of Americans undergoing bariatric surgery is also on the rise- from approximately 20,500 in 1996 to approximately 280,000 in 2011.

“The bariatric surgery patient is a growing consumer segment with long-term needs for nutritional supplements to help fill in nutrient gaps caused by a number of factors including reduced food intake and restricted dietary options. And while there is a plethora of supplements available, many of the common tablets and capsules on the market may be ill-suited for the changed digestive system of the post-operative bariatric patient,” says Greg Grochoski, EVP & Chief Science Officer at Twinlab.

Twinlab’s Bariatric Support line was developed in collaboration with bariatric surgeons and specialists to formulate products with convenient and effective delivery systems and nutrient forms. All Bariatric Support products are formulated to have a sugar content appropriate for bariatric surgery patients and are absent of added preservatives and artificial colors. Initial product offerings for the Bariatric Support line address the most common nutritional needs post-surgery, helping patients meet their daily requirements for several key nutrients including: protein, iron, calcium, B vitamins and vitamin D.

“What Twinlab Bariatric Support offers bariatric surgery patients is a variety of products that fit comfortably into their new lifestyle. Our flavorful selection of nutrient-dense powders, liquids, and chewable and quick-dissolve micro tablets are high quality without sacrificing on taste,” says Grochoski. “We continue to work hard at formulating products that will provide bariatric surgery patients with an increasingly robust offering of products, flavors and delivery forms.”

About Twinlab:
Twinlab Corporation is a leading manufacturer and marketer of high quality, science-based, nutritional supplements, including a complete line of vitamins, minerals, nutraceuticals, herbs and sports nutrition products.