Tips To Help You Eat Healthy When You’re In a Hurry

You make a conscious effort to eat the most healthful diet that you can. But hectic schedules sometimes leave little time to prepare the kind of wholesome, healthy meals you’d like to make. Or so you think. We’ve compiled some tips to help you save some time preparing meals without sacrificing nutrition or taste.

Multiply your recipe times two. The next time you make a big pot of healthy soup or chili or a batch of burritos, make double the amount you usually make. Store the second batch in individual size containers in the freezer, so when you’re in a pinch, just re-heat and serve.

Chop ahead of time. Save valuable prep time by chopping veggies in advance and storing in the fridge. Take them out as needed when cooking, making salads, or looking for a healthy snack. As an alternative, you can purchase vegetables pre-chopped at the supermarket.

Plan in advance. Avoid making hasty meal decisions that may result in less healthy choices and plan your weekday meals over the weekend.

Get your veggie and pasta fix in one. The next time you’re craving a pasta dish, try using spinach pasta. It has twice the potassium and folic acid that regular pasta has, and gives you a healthy dose of beta-carotene.

Get a quick fix of beans. Beans are delicious, filling, and packed with nutrients, but cooking dry beans can add considerable time to the cooking process. Opt for canned beans to add a quick, nutritious punch to soups, salads or any other dish. Just be sure to rinse them thoroughly before using.

Smooth it out. Smoothies make for a yummy and nutritious snack, or a great breakfast on the go. Just toss your favorite fruits and some low-fat yogurt in a blender with some ice (or frozen berries for an extra antioxidant punch).


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