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Bariatric Support

Bariatric Support is a comprehensive nutritional supplementation program designed by Twinlab to help address the specific needs of bariatric surgery patients. Our products utilize nutrient-dense, convenient delivery forms that are easily digested and absorbed by the body and support optimum assimilation and utilization of nutrients.*

Prenatal & Children's Nutrition

A healthy tomorrow begins today. The proper nutrition can help to put your child on the path towards a lifetime of good health.*

Sports & Fitness

Over 40 years ago, Twinlab® Fuel helped create an entire industry to help athletes perform better. Today, we are the trusted leader and innovator of nutritional products that power thousands of athletes around the world.

Weight Management

We know it can be hard to achieve your weight management goals. Maximize your efforts with the following products, geared at promoting healthy weight loss and keeping you on track with your weight management plan.*

Daily Nutrition

Good nutrition is essential to keeping your body running at its peak. But many of us don’t get all the nutrients we need through our diet. Our products provide added support to fill in those nutritional gaps and help keep you looking and feeling your best.*

Specialty Supplements

Formulated to provide specific support for heart, eyes, joints and other key body functions.* Our specialty products take the guesswork out of the situation, offering innovative formulas based on the latest research.