Questions for your doctor

Before you start any diet or exercise program, be sure to consult your physician. Because among other things, there are medications and other conditions that may impact your weight or ability to exercise.

Here are some suggested questions to ask your Doctor or Dietitian before starting a weight loss and exercise program.

  • Am I overweight?
  • What should my target weight and BMI (Body Mass Index) be?
  • Is my weight affecting my health?
  • Do you recommend that I see a specialist to rule out any medical conditions that could be responsible for my excess weight?
  • Is it safe for me to exercise?
  • Are there any types of physical activity that I should avoid?
  • Are there any types of foods should I avoid?
  • What type of foods should I try to incorporate into my diet?
  • Do you recommend that I meet with a Registered Dietitian to improve my diet?
  • Am I taking any medications or do I have any health conditions that would prevent me from taking dietary supplements to support my weight loss program?
  • Is there any reason I should limit my caffeine intake or should I try to stay below a certain amount of caffeine per day?

For those with current medical conditions or who are any taking medications, ask your doctor:

  • Is it safe for me to lose weight?
  • Will weight loss improve my current medical conditions?
  • Does the medical condition interfere with weight loss?
  • Will any medications I am currently taking prevent weight loss?
  • Are any of my current medications contributing to weight gain?
  • Will weight loss alter my medication dosage?
  • What kind and how much exercise is recommended?
  • Is it ok for me to take dietary supplements to support weight loss?


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