Pump up your workout with the right playlist

Science is confirming what a lot of us have known for a long time—that listening to specific kinds of music can make your workout more intense and effective.

Studies have shown that the right music before and during a workout can increase your performance by around 20 percent. It’s not a question of listening to a certain genre of music; the key is the speed of the music. Fast tempos are great for high intensity exercises, while stretching and other types of warming up and cooling down are benefitted by slower tempos. Medium tempos are usually good for weight training.

As you begin working out, listen to tracks that you enjoy and make you feel pepped up. It can prolong your performance, regulate movement and distract you from fatigue and muscle soreness. You can also calm nerves before an event by listening to soothing music.

You’re the expert when it comes to putting together a playlist. Since taste in music is so subjective, making a personal playlist is the best way to stay inspired since you know what songs carry inspiring, energizing or relaxing memories.


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