Metabolife’s new Green Tea + Vitamin D3 helps promote bone health and supports weight management*

The new formula combines a focus on health and wellness and weight management for a new take on the brand’s two-stage product program

Anaheim, C.A. – March 12, 2010 – Metabolife launched Metabolife® Green Tea + Vitamin D3 at Natural Products Expo West today as part of the brand’s renewed focus on health and wellness. The new product, an extension of the stage-one product portfolio, builds on the already existing Metabolife Green Tea formula, by including Vitamin D3 to promote calcium absorption for healthy bone development.* Plant and fruit antioxidants, acai, bilberry and resveratrol have also been added to rejuvenate the body and provide additional wellness support.*

Vitamin D3 is critically important for maintaining a healthy body, by increasing calcium absorption.* The all-natural green tea and antioxidants compliment this process and provide additional benefits and support for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, while working towards a healthy body weight.*

“Weight management has always been the core of the Metabolife brand, but our responsibility to health and wellness doesn’t stop there, “said Niki Simoneaux, Brand Manager, Metabolife. “Our new Metabolife Green Tea + Vitamin D3 provides all-natural wellness support to help us reassure our customers that their health is our first priority when it comes to weight management.”

The new product will be available to ship to retailers this month.