Healthy Meals on the Run

It’s not always easy to eat right, especially when you’re on the run. How do you fit a quick meal into your busy schedule without thwarting your healthy eating plan?

Happily, the market place is responding to the health conscious consumer. Wherever you are, close to home or out and about, you can find a fast, healthy meal.

Take a quick tour around the produce section of your local supermarket and you’ll discover a variety of convenient, time saving offerings. Packages of precut vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, mushrooms and lettuce make it easy for you to toss together your own salad without all the hassle. For the final touch, consider adding nature’s own ready-to-eat cherry tomatoes.

Better yet, you can choose from a selection of pre-packaged, ready-to-go salads with all the fixings such as cranberries, nuts and bleu cheese. The dressing is included and the salad is even pre-washed!

When time is short, quickstep over to the deli-section and pick up a similarly prepared salad wrapped in a plastic take-out bowl. Want something with a little protein? It’s all there too: Mexican salads with beans and corn, Asian salads with crunchy cabbage, chicken and sesame, green salads with chicken or tuna. All you need is a fork.

If salads are not your thing, many markets also offer other healthy and nutritious pre-packaged meals. Look for ones that are high in fiber and protein such as chicken with oven-roasted vegetables or fish with brown rice. Many of these pre-packaged meals are prepared fresh so make sure to check the expiration dates carefully. If your trips to the market are limited, you can stock up on some healthy frozen alternatives.

Didn’t get a chance to stop at the market? Many of the fast food chains are responding to consumers with menu choices that include everything from veggie burritos made only with fresh ingredients to healthy salads of every type. So when you’re on the go, stop by your favorite drive up window and ask for the healthy meal option that’s right for you.

Start Your Day Off On the Right Track
Breakfast can be a hectic time for yourself or family. In between getting yourself ready for work or helping the kids prepare for their day at school there is little time left to prepare a healthy breakfast. But with a little preparation ahead of time you can create a healthy meal option to start your day off on track.

Stock up your kitchen with healthy breakfast options and prepare portions in the evening before bed to save time in the morning. Some good, healthy and quick options include whole grain cereals and breads and oatmeal with low fat milk or soy milk. Toss in some berries or mix in some nuts or flaxseeds for a new twist. There are also some new healthy frozen breakfast options on the market.

For those mornings when you’re really on the go make sure to have some healthy potable breakfast alternatives. Stock up on some nutritious packaged cereal bars that are low in sugar and high in fiber. Low-fat yogurt cups and fruit also make great grab and go options.

And Don’t Forget the Snacks…
In between work and picking up the kids or even on the slower days in between, it’s important to snack between meals. Snacks are a great way to maintain your energy level and stave off those between-meal hunger pangs. Keep healthy snacks on hand so you can grab a yogurt or low-fat cheese stick. Stash already shelled almonds or a package of trail mix in your car. Or, if you have a moment, mix your favorite nuts, raisins and dried fruits for you own nutritious, tailor-made snack. Apples and grapes are perfect snacks for the person on the run and tangerines are easy to peel and full of sweet juice. And remember, always include bottled water in your snack pack to keep you hydrated and energized.


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